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Why Sourcing from US Factories Is a Challenge

Considering that the US has the world’s largest economy and is also the largest exporter and importer of goods and services globally, it is not uncommon for many...

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Is a Complete Product “Made in China” Made All in China? No, it’s not. Let’s find out why.

How many times have you gone shopping, picked up a product, and seen the tag, "Made in China"? The chances are that it has happened more than just...

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Are you becoming stronger in your body and mind?

Most of us are obsessed with the vast street-like influence of Crossfit gurus, and Barbell routines. "Strong is the new pretty" no doubt about it, but what is this...

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A look back to Emerging Apparel Modest Brands in Utah

You might remember Shade Clothing, DownEast, Modbe, etc. I’ve had the opportunity of assisting each one of these companies and few others in design, technical design, patterns, and...

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4 Things You Need To Know When You Market Your Product To The Lds Sector

I designed and developed this cute line of dresses for the LDS market a few years ago but I never produced it. My youngest daughter Karla was only...

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How to Find Success When First Starting Out

I, along with my two partners, founded SheTraveled back in 2015. It’s not always easy to find cute, modest clothes of great quality and fashion. For that reason,...

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